Product Spotlight: Web Galleries

Mike DahlbergMike Dahlberg

Product Manager

October 21, 2022

Your UGC is too good to keep to yourself....

You know User Generated Content (UGC) is compelling and will improve your clickthrough rates and sales conversions. You have gotten your team on board with collecting rights approved photos and videos and are finding ways to get great content from your community.  Now you want to put that marketing gold to good use, but how do you do it?

... display it with EnTribe Web Galleries!

Here are a few reasons you'll love EnTribe web galleries.

1. A Design for Everyone

Your website reflects your brand - the shape of objects, the way a visitor scrolls through and interacts with your page all need to feel unified and professional. And with EnTribe, you can choose from different design themes and animations to ensure your galleries align with the look and feel of your webpage.

Diagram of grid layout options for theme

2. Shoppable Galleries

The visual UGC you display, like written reviews, acts as  an endorsement by real people - and an endorsement that other consumers trust. In a recent survey, 77% of respondents said they would be more likely to purchase from a brand that used UGC in their marketing. Make the most of that opportunity by providing a direct path to purchase in your galleries.

Instagram post which includes a person making cookies

3. Reliable Displays

Tired of displaying Instagram posts that display inconsistently or disappear altogether? We were too. With EnTribe Web Galleries, the assets you display are owned and housed in your dedicated, secure content library. Plus, EnTribe’s distributed, cloud-based architecture ensures high availability and performance. This means you can rest assured that the gallery you build and test on Monday will continue to display beautifully next week, next month, next year. 

UGC is marketing gold. Display it!

Gallery slider with travel photos

4. Low-code embed 

Don’t worry about getting stuck in a drawn out back-and-forth with your web team or developers. From your web portal, you can preview your gallery and grab a small snippet of code to forward to whomever manages your website (or if you manage the website yourself, simply plug that code into your website builder “embed” block).

5. Full moderation control from one intuitive portal 

No need to worry about accidentally displaying visuals or captions that could be harmful to your brand. If you want, you can approve all assets and text that appears in your gallery before it is published, add your own captions, show or hide creator social profiles. Or sit back and let the system curate a themed gallery for you. Either way produces great galleries.

See for yourself

Using web galleries is an easy way to highlight your community's content. We use it too! Check out our own team web gallery (HERE) and get in touch with our sales team if you want to see what's possible for your organization with EnTribe UGC.

Key Takeaways

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