What is UGC? A Beginner’s Guide

Anna DiTucci-CappielloAnna DiTucci-Cappiello

Customer Success Coordinator

June 9, 2022

We’re in an exciting time for branding – nearly everyone has the power to produce professional quality photos, right from their phone. Anywhere you look, people are sharing their ideas, opinions, and their creativity on social media, and any regular person has the ability to go ‘viral’ or amass a base of followers to interact with their posts.

User generated content (or UGC) is just that; photos, videos, and posts from the average person. This organic content can be leveraged to lend an authentic air to your marketing strategy while cultivating community with your consumers. While not entirely new, it’s never been a better time to incorporate UGC into your larger social strategy.

Why UGC is critical

In the past, a brand would have to rely solely on professional photos and videos, staged product shoots, and the like for promotions. While these executions have their place, many consumers  are expressing a desire for more “authentic” content from brands, especially in the context of social media.  According to the results of a recent survey performed by EnTribe with over 800 responses, 85% of respondents would prefer content from actual customers.  In other words, 85% of consumers would prefer brands to post UGC.

The boom of social media has elevated the conversation to exciting new levels, but it also means brands have to do more to vie for the attention of the average consumer. By promoting UGC from brand loyalists, fans will feel like they’re part of the conversation. This content can be obtained in myriad ways – via a simple call to action, a photo contest, or other “activations” of your follower base. With no longer having to rely on traditional means of advertising, brands are able to establish mutual connections with their consumers and create an open dialogue regarding their products and services. Original, organic, high quality user generated content can be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Key Takeaways


of consumers prefer to see brands post content from actual customers

3 Ways to Obtain UGC

  1. A simple call to action
  2. Holding a photo contest
  3. Create other “activations” of your follower base

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