About EnTribe

The UGC and creator management platform – and the team behind it.

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EnTribe is the first SaaS platform that helps build a community of creators for your brand, bridging the gap between the content you want and the content your community shares.

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The Path to Launching EnTribe

My time managing content and community at GoPro taught me just how valuable user-generated content could be. We licensed millions of authentic photos and videos from a passionate and engaged community, which we deployed across marketing channels — even in an ad for the big game.

I realized that other brands should be able to capture this same lightning in a bottle. But I knew from experience how hard it could be to harness the power of UGC.

Activating this level of community requires robust tools and technology, and when I couldn’t find a best-in-class solution, I decided to build one. We built EnTribe to help companies scale and automate the manually-labor intensive workflows that hinder a brand’s ability to connect with its customers through UGC.

While influencers may come and go, real content from authentic consumers and creators has true staying power.

– Adam Dornbusch

Meet Our Tribe

Interested in Joining Our Tribe?

We’re always looking for smart, collaborative, and curious individuals with a passion for content to join our community.

Submit your resume to Careers@EnTribe.com and let’s chat!

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