Best-In-Class Tools for Community and Content Management

Powerful platform capabilities to easily scale UGC programs.

Example of gallery carousel with 3 travel photos.

EnTribe’s UGC Platform has all the capabilities you need to drive creator content, activate ambassadors and grow your community


  • Create a simple but effective form to collect photo and video submissions

  • Customize your design and choose your desired fields to obtain the data you want

  • Securely gain usage permission from your creators upon submission

  • Easy-to-launch CTAs to invite uploads or posts to a hashtag

Mobile and desktop device showing a sample of EnTribe's media upload widget form.
EnTribe platform image upload screen with photo of Grecian seaside tagged with its key attributes.


  • Quickly identify the best images and videos with AI-assisted content tagging and Smart Albums

  • Leverage advanced labeling and filtering to classify and rank assets

  • Verify content ownership and authenticity with a proprietary Verification Score and image metadata


  • Highlight community content on your site and boost engagement with customized, embeddable galleries

  • Push content to a growing list of social media publishing apps and digital touchpoints

  • Incorporate UGC into brand email blasts or download for use across other marketing channels

Carousel of five photos across with center photo highlighted.
EnTribe platform dashboard displaying performance metrics and creator stats.


  • Review a visual dashboard for an at-a-glance summary of campaigns and assets

  • Download metrics for flexible reporting and easily compare results

  • View a leaderboard of your top creators and ambassadors

  • Automatically monitor social networks to see recent activity from ambassadors


  • Improve interactions with your community with robust creator profiles and CRM tools

  • Automatically segment creators based on submission history, engagement, or content quality

  • Quickly build personalized emails and track communication history

Media Hub

Share albums of approved assets with external parties and provide download access with tracking history for easy auditing

Tiered Rewards

Reward creators and ambassadors based on engagement and compare expenses against the value gained

Social Search

Discover relevant posts across social channels with multi-keyword searches and bookmark your favorites

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