How to Put Your User Generated Content to Good Use

Anna DiTucci-CappielloAnna DiTucci-Cappiello

Customer Success Coordinator

June 15, 2022

Setting up your UGC asset collection can be half the battle. It can be a huge task to ensure you have a compelling call to action and the proper systems to store content submissions and clear the rights. But, once those components are in place, how should you go about activating this content you’ve collected?

UGC can be incorporated into every aspect of your greater marketing approach – and its diverse application can sometimes make actually activating it a bit overwhelming. So where do you start? UGC can either be the focus or just one facet of a well-rounded marketing strategy. Through engaging social media posts, an embedded gallery, and features in targeted emails, there are infinite possibilities for putting your UGC to good use.

Start with Social Media

The simplest way to begin incorporating user generated content is directly on social media. Reposting your verified content in Instagram stories, or other social media posts (with credit to the creators) is a great way to break up other ads and promotions and give your social feed a very human feel. Other clients in the past have done things like a weekly round up – posting the best pieces of UGC received that week and highlighting their top creators.

Highlight UGC on Your Website

In addition to a robust social media feed, UGC can be incorporated into your website. Through the EnTribe platform, we provide a code you can use to embed a gallery onto an existing webpage. From there, you can move direct uploads to your Gallery folder and they’ll automatically populate on the webpage! This is a great way to display your creators and their content to anyone who visits your site, even if they aren’t yet a follower of yours on social media.

Feature Creators in Your Emails

A targeted email is a fantastic way to keep your creator list engaged. Feature some UGC in a monthly newsletter with a Call to Action or use it to show off a new product getting rave reviews! A similar strategy can be used in printed materials – feature a piece of content on a flier or brochure and add a QR code to your widget to engage new creators.

Leverage UGC in Non-Digital Assets

Don’t limit yourself to only digital marketing applications. UGC can be effectively used in traditional channels too, such as print ads, billboards, and out-of-home media. There have even been use cases where UGC has been activated in commercials – including some of the biggest advertising spots during the Big Game.


There is a noticeable snowball effect when it comes to user generated content. Your initial activation allows you to build a strong foundation of UGC to work with. From there, incorporating it into your social media, website, or in emails and physical materials is a great way to let your audience know that their voices are valuable to you and encourage them to send in content. UGC generates UGC – establishing users’ content as part of your brand inspires future creators and will get you more uploads!

Key Takeaways


of consumers would be more inclined to purchase from brands that use UGC

3 Places to Use UGC

  • Social Media
  • Your Own Website
  • Email Newsletters

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