UGC and Black Friday

Anna DiTucci-CappielloAnna DiTucci-Cappiello

Customer Success Coordinator

November 17, 2022

The weeks leading up to the holiday season are buzzing with people looking for the perfect gift – and best deal for their loved ones. And Black Friday serves as a semi-official hallmark to the start of the holiday shopping season, with people rushing to stores and online alike to find exactly what they’re looking for. While consumers are being bombarded by ads in their mailbox, their email, and on social media, it can be a perfect time to stand out with the help of user generated content. 

Many companies use this time as a way to debut hot new products or improved versions of existing favorites, which can be as overwhelming as it is exciting for consumers. Given that we know user-generated content is seen as more trustworthy than ads or influencers, this can be a fantastic opportunity to showcase your trailblazer customers and their excitement for those debuting products. By showcasing real testimonies and real people using your products, you can stand head and shoulders above others in the din of Black Friday promotions. Featuring your community can also have your brand seem more human and relatable on social media in a time where this is crucial to engagement from users.

It’s also a great way to tease any holiday promotions or events you’ll be running during December! By getting an early start, you can set yourself apart from the overwhelming amount of promotions and events others may be running in the lead up to the holiday season. Plus, you can use UGC you collect across Black Friday weekend in those promotions – not having to rush to grab content while the season is already in full swing. 

Setting a strong foundation with user generated content will allow your brand to curate a unique image and voice with help from your community - and strengthen those community ties as well. And there is no better time to start building community and feelings of togetherness than leading up to the holidays – that’s the reason for the season, isn’t it?

Key Takeaways


of people would be more likely to purchase a brand’s product or service if that brand shared content from real customers in their marketing.

  • Utilizing UGC in Black Friday marketing will help you stand out from your competitors
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