Top 5 Reasons Big Brands Are Leaning into User Generated Content

Carly GessinCarly Gessin


November 7, 2022

User Generated Content (UGC) is not a new concept but it is becoming more and more important to established brands and here are five reasons why.

1. UGC Creates Trust Amongst Consumers

84% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if they use real consumer imagery instead of paid influencer content. Learn more about our results here.

2. UGC Increases Engagement Through Authentic Content

Brands are seeing increased engagement from consumers across marketing channels when using user generated photos and videos. CircleK has experienced a 100% increase in social media engagement since launching their UGC focused Friday Five campaign. Learn more here.

3. UGC Connects Marketing Strategies to Sales

Using UGC is only part of the process many big brands are implementing. They are also rewarding consumers when submitted content is used. This not only inspires consumers to continue to submit photos and videos but enables brands to track a definitive ROI. By providing coupon codes to consumers that submitted on-brand, usable content GoPro taught their consumers what type of content is on-brand AND saw 4X the amount gifted in rewards used in e-commerce purchases. Learn more about how to connect marketing initiatives with sales metrics and what led our founder to build EnTribe.

4. UGC Builds Your Content Library

It is both important and expensive to build out a product content library but by embracing UGC brands have been able to scale back cost while still expanding collection of high quality on-brand content. A top five global tech company and their agency sent out a call to action to consumers to submit content and received over 1,700 pieces in 24 hours. Learn more about how this was achieved.

5. UGC Develops a Community with Consumers

Consumers want to be more involved with brands they support. By inviting them into your marketing strategy through content creation, it enables big brands to understand them more while building loyalty.

Looking to start your brands UGC strategy or needing a better process to enhance the one you already have? Let's talk! Schedule a call with us here.

Key Takeaways


of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if they use real consumer imagery instead of paid influencer content.

What UGC Can Do:

  • Create Trust Amongst Consumers
  • Increase Engagement
  • Connect Marketing Strategies to Sales
  • Develop a Community with your Consumers 
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