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Top Five Global Tech Company & Marketing Agency Reach 1,700 Creators in First 24 Hours of Campaign

June 30, 2022

UGC Solutions Built for Blue-Chip Brands

When a top five global tech company with software and hardware solutions was launching its new smartphone, it wanted to feature the improved capabilities and quality of its device in a compelling way: by showcasing the incredible photographs taken on the devices. 

Working with its marketing agency, the technology company outlined its criteria for on-brand images. Without an existing library or pool of images, the agency team had to manually search through social media posts to find fitting content – wasting valuable time to yield only mediocre results. 

The agency required a solution that would:

  • automate the process of user-generated content (UGC) discovery
  • scale the amount of high-quality content
  • approve usage rights quickly and easily
  • ensure the authenticity and integrity of the content collected
  • gather and save creator details for future UGC campaigns

By partnering with EnTribe, the agency and tech company built a scalable process for on-brand UGC with rights cleared, leading to a three-year-long marketing campaign partnership.

Getting Rights Clearance Right 

Once on board, EnTribe created a workflow for the agency to efficiently and effectively deliver the content requests. A customized widget uploader allowed consumers to upload up to 20 photos or a video they took on their device and provide detailed information about the content. 

Person using tablet and selecting photo on screen

By providing a passthrough of Exif metadata (such as camera settings and device data), EnTribe was able to ease the tech company’s biggest concern: ensuring the content was from the original user (the person who owned the IP) and taken on its specific device.

Through EnTribe, the agency was able to easily find creators, acquire the content, and clear the rights. Additionally, EnTribe’s AI image tagging enabled the agency team to quickly search for the specific content the client was requesting. 

Exponential Results Help Build a Three-Year Partnership

On behalf of its client, the agency posted across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to encourage smartphone users to share their content to the widget uploader on a customized page. Within the first 24 hours, the team received 1,700 submissions. After one month, they acquired nearly 4,000 pieces of content and had 1,769 creators stored in the EnTribe platform. Over the same timeframe, the tech company’s total engagement rate on Instagram increased by 130%. 

In the three years since collaborating, this program has continued to provide high-quality content to shine a spotlight on the smartphone and its users.

To view a PDF of this case study, click here.

Key Takeaways

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