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Anna DiTucci-CappielloAnna DiTucci-Cappiello

Customer Success Coordinator

July 13, 2023

Taking everyone’s phone by storm – and luring users over from Twitter – Threads is the brand new social media platform launched by Meta last week. Within the first 24 hours of launch, Threads had over 30 million users sign up. After five days, that number skyrocketed to 100 million signups. Naturally, brands are excited to be early adopters, particularly with such a seamless account creation. Riding this initial wave of interest is a fantastic way to operationalize the content you have – and capitalize on the enthusiasm of creators vying to be one of the first to go viral on such a hot new platform.

With Threads being so new still, it’s a blank slate for your brand to have authentic engagement with your creators. Everyone is figuring out exactly how the app will be used, and as such you have this raw, unfiltered access to those interacting with your brand. Take a more conversational tone in Threads posts to start a conversation, and encourage creators to share their opinions (and content). Coming across too much like a promotion doesn’t fit as well here, and many brands are taking the opportunity to be a bit more edgy than they would be on other platforms. Threads is also an intentionally ad-free platform, making it the perfect place to grow an authentic connection with your base. TechCrunch even called it a “refuge from Twitter” for brands. So, if you’ve been trying to win over that Zoomer audience – Threads may be the place to do it! And if you’ve seen lagging engagement on Twitter due to all the recent upendings and changes, Threads is a great way to start fresh with similar types of posts. 

Memes and trends move a mile a minute, and the nature of Threads can allow you to collect content with an incredibly quick turnaround. With EnTribe’s smart albums, all of the content you collect can be instantly tagged, sorted, and pushed to a web gallery, keeping your brand’s UGC display fresh and relevant.

While the fun continues on Threads, many have also expressed concerns around privacy. Threads is not available in the EU at this time, for example, due to more stringent digital privacy laws. Navigating these new waters can feel daunting, but EnTribe continues to provide thorough security features so your brand is safe when reposting photos or videos uploaded by creators.

Seems like a lot to take in? We can help! The EnTribe team are experts in building relationships with your creator community and building libraries of high quality content. Reach out to our CS team and we can work together and build strategy for Threads and beyond.

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