How To Get Better Content From Your Creators

Rio OsborneRio Osborne

Sales Development Representative

February 14, 2023

User generated content (UGC) is becoming increasingly more important, especially in comparison to traditional advertising, influencer marketing, and brand-created content. UGC can be used as a tool to help businesses differentiate themselves in the digital age. By engaging with their community and leveraging their user-generated content, brands can create meaningful connections with customers and grow customer loyalty. Here are some tips on how to create a marketing strategy to get better user-generated content from your creator community:

Develop Strategies for Generating UGC

By employing a content strategy to motivate your creators to create and submit high quality content, your brand can stand out from the crowd. Potential customers' purchasing decisions can be heavily influenced by utilizing authentic content of real people as opposed to models or paid actors. Identify types of posts that have generated good engagement rates, identify opportunities for interactivity between content creators and customers, and explore creative ways for creators to effectively share their experiences about using your product or service through user-generated product reviews. 

Encourage Engagement on All Social Media Platforms and Social Channels

Amplifying interactions in your creator community can lead to generating large numbers of high quality content. Encourage engagement through social media channels, hashtags attendant to your products or campaigns, forums or blogs related to what’s being discussed concerning the brand or topics of interest - but also consider engaging outside typical platforms like live events or meet-ups in person. This helps build trust between you and your creators.

Reward Entries With Promotional Content

To get more people involved in producing user generated content, provide them with an incentive such as free products, services, or gift cards. You don’t need to offer a prize every time someone produces an entry, but providing promotional materials occasionally will encourage more participation from the creator community – allowing you to gain access to quality user-generated content. Rewarding your creators by featuring their content in social media posts is another great way to reward your community.

Guide But Don’t Dictate Content Creation

If you want high-quality user generated content from your creator community, you should be careful with how much direction you give them when creating it; give broad guidelines generally outlining themes such as concept questions answered by users—don't be overly specific about what they should post in terms of consistency or format unless absolutely necessary. If you're looking for customer reviews, be clear on what products you are looking to be reviewed while still allowing room for creativity. . Be sure to retain ultimate control over the final product so that it aligns with brand aesthetics and your marketing campaigns while still allowing room for your creators to remain authentic. Suggest ideas rather than dictate them outright.

Offer Support & Recognition

By offering support and recognition of active users who commit time and effort into contributing valuable user-generated content, this signals that their contributions are valued by not only your business but also other participants within your community space which reinforces ongoing engagement levels within the online space as well as building relationships which carry offline too.

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Key Takeaways


of our survey respondents between the ages of 18-44 would be more loyal to a brand if they requested and used content from the respondent in marketing initiatives.

How To Get Better Content From Your Creators

  • Create clear and engaging CTAs
  • Feature the UGC you collect on social and outside of social
  • Reward your creators
  • Offer tips and tricks on how your creators can take better photos or videos
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