Amplifying Influencer and Social Media Marketing With EnTribe

Adam DornbuschAdam Dornbusch

CEO & Founder

July 21, 2020

Influencer and Social Media Marketing have become standard community practices for any brand. However, to drive any modicum of success, brands must utilize processes that are manual and draining on internal resources. These types of issues create inefficiencies that over time cause waste, and reduce the impact you need in an ever more competitive marketplace.

What are we talking about specifically? Let’s address the process hurdles brands and marketers face when looking for supporting content, capturing mindshare and building a sustainable community.

Table that explains hurdles social media marketing

The lack of automation in these manual and labor-intensive processes isn’t just exhausting for brands and marketers. It also poses a number of activation and program risks that make it hard to be strategic in the way you’re building community.

  1. Campaigns tend to be one-off and disjointed, which drives lack of alignment, momentum and results.
  2. Scale is near impossible, due to time and labor required.
  3. Investments in agencies are wasted as they are only as good as the people, process and tools to deliver the results you pay for.

The results of these issues are massive productivity issues, inefficient budget spend, and a lack of brand equity and value.

EnTribe in Action

One of the largest technology companies in the world used the EnTribe platform to streamline its Influencer and Social Media Marketing initiatives for the past two years. Their Influencer Marketing agency began using EnTribe to track 100 paid influencers across Twitter and Instagram.

Influencers were asked to register their social media accounts with EnTribe once, taking less than 2 minutes. EnTribe then automatically identified content from these 100 influencers anytime they posted to social media with their branded hashtag.

Reducing Workload While Acquiring 5,000 Pieces of Content

Once identified, EnTribe automatically pulled the content into its proprietary content management system and attached the content to the influencers' account with EnTribe's proprietary Creator Relationship Management tools. Artificial Intelligence image recognition and other collaboration tools made it easy for the agency to find the content they were looking for. 

The exhaustive workload of acquiring the content, clearing the rights, tracking, and communicating with the Influencers was reduced by an estimated 90%. As a result, over 5,000 photos and videos were acquired in the first 9-months for use in other creative/marketing initiatives.

The technology company then gave EnTribe to its social media marketing agency to find content faster across social media from unknown creators. As of April 2020, this agency has identified over 2,000 new creators that are fans of the technology brand, and capture content that the tech company wants to use in their marketing materials.

The agency leverages the EnTribe platform to find these creators through its proprietary social media search and filtering capabilities. EnTribe makes it fast and easy to connect with these creators, acquire the content, and clear the rights. Most importantly, EnTribe verifies that this content was from the original creator of the content (the person who actually owns the IP).

The agency has saved countless hours of productivity and is able to scale to a level previously cost-prohibitive. Today the agency is looking to expand its use of EnTribe for more programs.

Key Takeaways


estimated workload reduction

Key Result

Over 5,000 photos and videos were acquired using EnTribe in the first 9 months

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