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UIW Highlights Campus Life Through UGC

March 14, 2023

Creating Connections Across Current, Future, and Former Students

The University of Incarnate Word (UIW), a private university in Texas, was looking to harness their captive audience of students and alumni to add a level of connection to social media and entice prospective students.

They partnered with EnTribe to create activations around prominent campus events, holidays, and seasons to build a library of authentic content and help generate buzz and excitement among their students and alumni.

Leveraging On-Campus Events

The University of the Incarnate Word used popular on-campus events to acquire photos and videos from prospective and current students alike, directing them to a custom widget uploader that EnTribe deployed.

These popular campus events included: Cardinal Experience Weekend, Decision Day, 
and Graduation.

UIW campaign which features two people taking selfie

Alongside these events, they used holidays and seasonal activations to maintain excitement around campus and highlight their most engaged and creative students.

UIW actively promoted these campaigns and shared the creator content they received on their five key social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

Celebrating College Creators

UIW’s use of UGC has spurred more authentic stories for the university and helped students and alumni feel more connected to the school.

Across two specific campaigns, UIW was able to amass over 240 content uploads. A Move-In Weekend activation was able to surpass their content submission goal by 5x, and a graduation campaign was able to net photos from 61 new creators.

The university also launched the Cardinal Contributor program to showcase their top creators and highlight the stories of current students to help share special milestones, 
while giving prospective students an inside look at life at the school.

Since these campaigns, engagement on the UIW admissions Instagram account have 
only continued to grow, with the average interactions per post increasing 114% YoY in February 2023.

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Key Takeaways

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