Product Feature Spotlight: Content Uploaders

Mike DahlbergMike Dahlberg

Product Manager

July 27, 2022

You open Instagram. Someone in your community - a fan, student, a new customer - posted an amazing shot of themselves celebrating your brand. It's real, it's compelling, and your logo is front and center. And more importantly, it's perfect for your upcoming email or digital ad campaign.

Entribe upload form

Five years ago, it would have been enough to write a comment on their post asking for permission to use their image (“just respond with #yes”). But with growing concern for data privacy, you will need another way to get their permission (not to mention the high-resolution original). So what do you do?

Securely Collect UGC With an Uploader

At EnTribe, we have developed a simple but powerful solution for organizations of all sizes. With Content Uploaders, you have the power to create and fully customize a form to securely obtain usage permission and original content.

How it works

Grab the link or a QR code for our out-of-the-box uploader... or make it your own!

  • Add a logo
  • Personalize the welcome message
  • Pick your colors
  • Choose your fields
  • Add terms and conditions
  • Customize the URL

A Simple but Effective Upload Experience

The content upload experience is another touchpoint with your community. It should feel like your brand and look great no matter where it is viewed.

  • Content Uploaders are quick and flexible to design so you can curate each Uploader to your brand and activation
  • Input fields on your Uploader map seamlessly to your Content Library and Creator CRM to enable automatic content sorting and build robust creator profiles
  • Easily link to your Uploader from a social profile, email blast, or webpage or include a QR code on printed materials to reach your community wherever they are

Uploaders in Action

  • Try it out for yourself: Click Here
  • Or Scan the QR Code!
Uploader action QR code

Platform Overview

EnTribe Campfire is the leading software platform that makes it easy for any brand or agency to activate their authentic community to create on-brand video and photo content. With advanced tools to discover content, acquire usage rights, and manage creators, EnTribe enables you to scale your marketing efficiently and authentically.

We help brands of all sizes get high quality, authentic UGC. Find out how you can engage your community with EnTribe UGC.

Key Takeaways

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