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BareOrganics Engages Their Community For Content During Quarantine

July 20, 2020

“Life’s Complicated. Our Nutrition is Simple.”

That’s the mission driving BareOrganics, a company focused on users meeting their daily nutrition goals to feel energized, and know they’re receiving nutrients from the best, raw, and organic sources.

The essence of this message could not be more true than during Covid-19: a time when the majority of people are at home, looking for ways to connect, cook, and above all, stay healthy. As BareOrganics always had a customer-centric approach - hosting collections of Superfood recipes on its site for its community - they wanted to take this one step further, and turned to EnTribe to connect its community to help inspire others, while organically driving ecommerce sales.

“How Do You Superfood at Home?”

BareOrganics’s mission, like its food, is simple: real nutrition for real people. Working with EnTribe, BareOrganics was able to connect the crux of their mission to the campaign: highlighting real people’s stories with their real food.

To kick-off the campaign, BareOrganics asked its users to share how they were eating and drinking healthy during quarantine.

Person on phone using social media app
BareOrganics followers were invited to share their favorite superfood recipe, in exchange for a 25% off coupon code and an opportunity to be featured on its page.

Capturing Superfood at Home - And Across All Channels

When you’re building a community, it’s not a singular task. It was important for BareOrganics to capture content from all their community members — no matter where they were.

To do this, they worked with EnTribe to activate email, website, and social channels — without the inefficiencies of manually building a content library and tracking ecommerce sales.

A gallery of photos which shows organic foods

Early Results

  • Building community and forging 1:1 personal relationships with users
  • Quickly clearing distribution rights for accelerated publishing of UGC
  • Driving ecommerce sales through power of community, content, and coupons
  • Easily tracking coupon redemption for total economic impact
  • Driving knowledge and efficiency by storing content in a single location

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Key Takeaways

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