5 Easy Activations For Next School Year

Rio OsborneRio Osborne

Sales Development Representative

August 9, 2022

At any given time on a college campus, there are a multitude of events or experiences taking place. College marketing teams are left to choose between what event they should attend and capture. No one can be everywhere at the same time, so why not utilize user generated content (UGC) to empower your community to be your eyes and ears around campus. Check out these 5 easy UGC activations your team can utilize this coming school year.

Week of Welcome

There are so many exciting things happening during a student’s first couple of weeks on campus. Prompt students to submit photos and videos by placing QR codes on dorm room door tags. This initial touch point is not only a chance to have your students share their newly decorated dorm, but it is also a great way to have them become accustomed to how to submit UGC moving forward. Week of welcome is also a great opportunity to engage parents and bring them along for the ride.


Whether you are a current student or an alumni student returning to relive your glory days for a weekend, homecoming is an excellent time to utilize UGC. Prior to the weekend beginning, include a QR code and a link to your widget uploader in an attendee welcome email to prepare your alumni on how they can share their time back on campus. Another great place to drop your QR code and link to your widget uploader is in Facebook Alumni groups. As alumni leave the campus, you will be left with content to not only document the weekend but also authentic content to promote next year’s homecoming.

Exam Season

Colleges are aware of the anxiety and stress surrounding midterm or final exams which has led to de-stress activities including therapy dogs and kittens, a campus scream, and many other quirky ways to relieve your mind and body of these exams. Encourage your students to share these times of relaxation during a period of high stress. Not only will you have a plethora of cute dog photos to share, but you will also have the opportunity to show your students they are not alone in their pursuit to ace their exams and make it through this week.

Sporting Events

Saturday morning tailgates, parents rolling onto campus with their newly renovated RV, game-winning touchdowns or half-court miracles, these are all experiences your sports fans on and off campus are looking to relive. There is an entire channel dedicated to replaying these historic games and iconic plays. Capture these moments through UGC and harness the ability to share these moments with your community. Displaying a QR code on an arena or stadium’s jumbotron is a simple and effective way to guide fans on how to share their content.

College Acceptance Letters

Reaction videos of college acceptance letters run social media for a couple of weeks from mid-March to early April. There is no better way to invigorate and connect your incoming students by sharing their experiences of discovering they have been accepted into their dream school. Include a QR code in these acceptance letters guiding students on how to share this moment they have worked their entire life for.

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5 campus UGC opportunities

  1. Welcome Week
  2. Homecoming
  3. Exam Season
  4. Sporting Events
  5. Acceptance Letters
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