‘Hits the sweet spot of our millennial target’: Why the Almond Board of California is partnering with Marvel Studios

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July 8, 2022

The Almond Board of California, a non-profit organization that supports Almond growers founded in 1955, wants more millennials and younger demographics to view almonds as a healthy snack...

The aim of the campaign is to emphasize how almonds can be viewed as a reliable source of good health. Essentially, the campaign’s key message showcases almonds as a nutrient-dense snack that can be easily incorporated into the daily wellness regimen and help consumers achieve their wellness goals.

“Associating eating almonds with superhero powers is a really clever way to encourage younger consumers to eat almonds and feel excited about it,” said Adam Dornbusch, CEO and founder of EnTribe, a user-generated content marketing management platform.

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