EnTribe Partners with Butler University and The University of Tulsa to Engage Students During Return to Campus with User Generated Content

Press Release

September 21, 2021

OAKLAND, Calif., Sept. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EnTribe, the CRM for User Generated Content, today announced partnerships with two Division I schools - Butler University and The University of Tulsa – to amplify back to campus activities through robust user generated content (UGC) initiatives.

With the start of the Fall Semester and a return to in-classroom learning following the pandemic, colleges and universities are seeking novel and fun ways to connect with new and returning students as they arrive on campus to begin the academic year. At Butler University, the first activation with EnTribe will be during Weekend of Welcome/Move-in, where dormitory doorknob hangers will include QR codes that will direct students to a content uploader to share pictures of their newly decorated rooms.

“Welcome Week is always an exciting time, especially for first-year students coming to campus. These students are immediately building new relationships and forging their first campus experiences, which provides us with a great opportunity to showcase their school spirit,” said Michael Kaltenmark, Director of External Relations, Butler University. “There is no better way for us to demonstrate what makes our university great than through the eyes of our own students, which is why we believe UGC is a powerful tool for us moving forward.”

The University of Tulsa will take a similar approach with QR codes, placing flyers and other physical materials around its campus to engage with incoming freshmen and encourage them to share photos of their first experiences as college students.

“Most students already document their daily life on social media to share with their friends and family, so we are thrilled that we have a new way to encourage them to share that same content with their fellow students and beyond,” said Mona Chamberlin, TU director of marketing and communications. “UGC is a terrific way for us to connect with past, present and future students and highlight all of the unique things that make our university distinctive.”

EnTribe’s platform connects colleges and universities directly with current and incoming students through automated communications tools integrated into the platform. These tools help marketing teams provide direction on the type of content they’re looking for and where creators can upload the content – whether it be posted on a social media platform using a specific hashtag or uploaded directly to a unique web portal – as well as reward creators once their photos or videos have been received. The content then populates on their EnTribe dashboard where marketing teams can select material using advanced filters, multi-keyword searches, AI hashtag recommendations, and automatically verify the ownership and location of images. Through securing rights to uploaded content, EnTribe also tracks custom clearances in a proprietary CMS. Overall, EnTribe makes it easy for colleges and universities to better control the content their communities are sharing and use authentic student experiences at the center of their marketing initiatives to engage with target audiences more effectively.

“Colleges and universities can benefit greatly from user generated content by showcasing different student activities on social media and digital channels, repurposing content for more authentic marketing materials, and finding new ways to connect with students, applicants, faculty, and alumni,” said Adam Dornbusch, CEO and founder of EnTribe, “Our goal with the platform is to equip higher education institutions with tools to more easily curate content, connect with and manage their communities, as well as measure key success metrics at scale.”

As college enrollment continues to decline due to uncertainty around the pandemic, colleges and universities are scrambling to find fresh and exciting ways to engage with current and prospective students, as well as successful alumni, to boost interest and enrollment. EnTribe’s partnerships with Butler University and The University of Tulsa aims to help the universities activate their communities and generate authentic, quality content to rejuvenate marketing initiatives, with the end goal of driving excitement about and participation in college life among prospective and incoming students.

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