A study conducted by EnTribe states that Consumers prefer User Generated Content over Influencers

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July 9, 2022

The study named ‘The State of User Generated Content’ done by EnTribe, a popular social analyst platform shows that user opinion tips more towards ordinary customers rather than social media influencers and content creators.

Emails using paid influencers talking about their products or services are being seen as less reliable than user-generated content. EnTribe suggests marketers should prioritize user experience and reviews over influencers’ opinions when advertising via emails.

Making this change would be difficult via email, but marketing using positive user quotes would be more effective than using popular influencers. This is especially important in cases where users need to be sure of the reliability of the service or product which is being marketed. EnTribe suggests that firms should put user experience on their platforms on the home page of their website as it adds to the reputation and reliability of the firm.

Read the full article on Digital Information World.

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